Cake Delivery Pickup Locations in Kottiyam

Worried about being not home for a home delivery? That's why we created a network of cake pickup locations in Kollam to deliver your cake wherever you are. You can order online and pick up your delicious cake at any of our pickup locations in Kottiyam that is nearest to you. Perfect for a last-minute birthday cake pickup, you can get your cake faster with a cake pickup location. For all those situations where you or anyone may not be available to receive a home cake delivery in Kottiyam Kollam, you can opt for a pickup location closest to you and have the convenience of picking it up on your way home at a time of your choosing. For a limited time, we have a 5% discount code at each of these cake delivery locations in Kottiyam.

Cake Delivery Pickup Location: IAS Super Market, Kottiyam

IAS Super Market

Location: Kottiyam
Cake Delivery Contact: Noufal
Phone: 7561895504
Discount Code: KTYM-NASM-101
Cake Delivery Pickup Location: Surya Super Market, Kottiyam

Surya Super Market

Location: Kottiyam
Cake Delivery Contact: Suvi Vijayan
Phone: 9744867185
Discount Code: KTYM-SRYM-101
Cake Delivery Pickup Location: Methar Bazar, Kottiyam

Methar Bazar

Location: Kottiyam
Cake Delivery Contact: Mather
Phone: 7034048765
Discount Code: KTYM-MTHR-101