Chocolate Truffle Cake[CHTRF07-500G] The Chocolate Truffle Cake is a blend of creamy milk chocolate cake batter and silky milk chocolate mousse. An irresistible chocolate cake, resembling a typical truffle, but with the softness of whipped cream. The Chocolate Truffle cake has a marshmallow-like texture and a quasi-penetrating chocolate taste that persists well after it has been eaten. It is made with maida, baking powder, sugar, butter, whipping cream, eggs, and cocoa. Crown CHTRF07-500G CHTRF07-500G
₹ 490 ₹ 490 490.0 INR 10/12/2022
Choco Truffle Hearts Cake[CHTRH01-500G] Choco Truffle Hearts Cake is made out of butter cream, chocolate, whipping cream, butter, maida, sugar, eggs, vanilla essence, chocolate syrup and covered in candy coat with a topping of condensed milk, milk, chocolate syrup, whipping cream, fresh cream, sugar syrup. The Choco Truffle Hearts Cake has an extra rich chocolatey taste due to the use of pure chocolates, fresh whipping cream & condensed milk; guaranteed to give it an extra edge over other chocolate cakes Crown CHTRH01-500G CHTRH01-500G
₹ 500 ₹ 500 500.0 INR 10/12/2022
Badam Chocolate Cake[BDMCH01-500G] Add a dash of European flair to your special occasion with the Badam Chocolate Cake. This rich dark chocolate with a vanilla essence will be loved by both adults and kids. Made with fresh cream, egg yolks and sugar, this great cake combined with the flavour of the badam flour makes for a unique flavour. The texture is fluffy, the chocolate and almond add decadence that makes it a all time hit. The cake is very light not fudgy with filling of almond, chocolate ganache and light fluffy whipped cream. The whipped topping makes the Badam Chocolate Cake more tempting and mouth watering. Crown BDMCH01-500G BDMCH01-500G
₹ 525 ₹ 525 525.0 INR 10/12/2022
Red Vancho Cake[RVNCH01-500G] Red Vancho Cake is a truly delicious cake made using the finest quality maida powder, best quality butter, fresh cream, vanilla and swirled with sweet cream cheese. These cakes are covered in rich condense milk which adds on to the flavour. Our Red Vancho cake has been precision-engineered to make your taste buds go into overdrive. The moist and rich red velvety cake loaded with the finest ingredients such as whipped cream, fresh cream, cream cheese, condensed milk, chocolate syrup alternating with the freshness of condiments like whipped cream and fresh cream makes this mouth-watering Red Vancho cake a great treat for any occasion. Crown RVNCH01-500G RVNCH01-500G
₹ 550 ₹ 550 550.0 INR 10/12/2022
Special Butterscotch Cake[SPBSC01-500G] Butterscotch Cake is a rich, butterscotch flavored cake with a creamy peanut butter sauce and a topping of sweet condensed milk. It's a delicious combination of a creamy peanut butter frosting on top of the dark chocolate cake topped back with fresh cream, all this garnished by butterscotch and a drizzle of chocolate syrup. The yummy butterscotch infused with the rich flavor of peanut and the top layer of smooth chocolate, makes this Butterscotch Cake the perfect pick when you are planning to surprise someone special. Crown SPBSC01-500G SPBSC01-500G
₹ 490 ₹ 490 490.0 INR 10/12/2022
Red Velvet Cake[RDVLV01-500G] A Red Velvet Cake is always special and luxurious. Gifting or receiving one for that special person, event or relationship. They were created that way and we still follow the baking principle. Yummy cream cheese with buttermilk provide that special tang and tenderness to the Red Velvet Cake that is baked with that splash of red giving it an exclusivity and richness it deserves. Crown RDVLV01-500G RDVLV01-500G
₹ 545 ₹ 545 545.0 INR 10/12/2022
Red Velvet Cake[RDVLV02-500G] Our Red Velvet cake is freshly prepared and tastes delicious and is suitable for any occasion - birthday, anniversary and also to gift your beloved ones on other celebratory occasions. It is a moist cake with a light, velvet-like texture and is made from the finest ingredients - cocoa powder, whipping cream, butter, maida, sugar, eggs, vanilla, red velvet, butter milk & cream cheese. Order now and experience the heavenly taste of Red Velvet Cake. Crown RDVLV02-500G RDVLV02-500G
₹ 545 ₹ 545 545.0 INR 10/12/2022
Coffee Cream Cake[COFCR01-500G] Delight the palate with delicious Coffee Cream Cake, an all time favorite cake. The Coffee Cream is made with maida, sugar or jaggery, fresh cream, Thickened Milk, condensed milk and topped with chocolate syrup. With a soft and tender, light sweet cake, this cake has no equivalent. A light sour cream which is made with our light fluffy whipping cream mixed with fine espresso coffee which gives the cake the best coffee flavor. We use the roasted Expresso Coffee for the distinct aromas and flavour together with its deep brown colour. When this coffee meets our double cream and vanilla flavour in a spongy cake, blissful delicacy is the result in every bite. A crowd pleaser hit with all coffee and cream lovers. The Coffee Cream Cake may disappear in no time, but the aroma and taste are sure to linger! Crown COFCR01-500G COFCR01-500G
₹ 500 ₹ 500 500.0 INR 10/12/2022
Chocolate Truffle Cake[CHTRF04-500G] Our decadent Chocolate Truffle is made by blending chocolate, whipping cream, butter, sugar and eggs together then adding a dash of vanilla. Using the finest quality cocoa beans, we then delicately pour the chocolate truffle mix into a mold where it sets and cools into a velvety smooth masterpiece that melts in your mouth like no other treat can. Crown CHTRF04-500G CHTRF04-500G
₹ 490 ₹ 490 490.0 INR 10/12/2022
Mango Delight Cake[MNGDL01-500G] Mango Delight cake is a decadent cake made from chocolate, whipping cream, butter, maida, Sugar,eggs, vanilla essence,Mango Crush with topping of condensed milk, chocolate syrup, whipping cream, fresh cream, sugar syrup fabricated deliciously to make probably the most mouth watering Mango Delight Cake ever. The Mango Delight cake has a soft texture that is moist and pleasing to the palate. Crown MNGDL01-500G MNGDL01-500G
₹ 465 ₹ 465 465.0 INR 10/12/2022
Choco Fresh Cream Cake[CHFRC01-500G] Choco Fresh Cream Cake is a combination of delectable Vanilla flavoured fresh cream filled inside the Chocolate moist sponge which is surrounded with layers of thick creamy chocolate sauce enveloping the cake. The top is garnished with a stylish swirl of whipped cream and sprinkled with melted chocolate syrup which gives a delectable three-in-one sensation to this Choco Fesh Cream Cake. Crown CHFRC01-500G CHFRC01-500G
₹ 465 ₹ 465 465.0 INR 10/12/2022
Vanilla Butter Scotch Cake[VNBSC01-500G] The Vanilla Butter Scotch Cake is a moist tasty cake with all the goodness of Peanut and Butter scotch. This cake is prepared with fine ingredients like maida, sugar, chocolate syrup, condensed milk, fresh cream, whipping cream and eggs. Butter scotch and peanut make an incredible combination and premium ingredients and recipe makes the Vanilla Butter Scotch Cake really amazing and utterly delicious. Crown VNBSC01-500G VNBSC01-500G
₹ 465 ₹ 465 465.0 INR 10/12/2022
Vanilla Kings Cake - 5 Kg[VNKNG01-5KG] The Vanilla King Cake is one of the classic cakes and is often the go to cake especially as a dessert or at high tea events. It is a moist vanilla cake, filled with chocolate whipped cream, our famous spices cake mix, condensed milk, chocolate & sugar syrup and fresh cream that will surely wow your taste buds. Crown VNKNG01-5KG VNKNG01-5KG
₹ 4,000 ₹ 4,000 4000.0 INR 10/12/2022
Strawberry Cake[SBRCK01-500G] Our Strawberry Cake with its tantalising interplay of strawberries, cherries and whipped cream is a compulsive treat for any occasion. It makes an excellent dessert for a special event when combined with the other cakes from our range. The standard topping on this Strawberry Cake is a sweet sauce soaked in the essence of pureed fresh cherries and condensed milk and can be customised with a blend of condensed milk, chocolate sauce, whipping cream, sugar syrup, strawberry sauce or any combo to your liking. Crown SBRCK01-500G SBRCK01-500G
₹ 465 ₹ 465 465.0 INR 10/12/2022
Cadbury's Chocolate Cake[​CADCH01-3KG] Cadbury Chocolate Cake is a moist chocolate sponge cake, studded with bits of chocolate and covered with moist chocolate ganache. The cake tastes even better when topped with loads of fresh cream, whipped cream, and a drizzle of hazelnut syrup and chocolate Syrup. The exciting flavour combination of creamy Cadbury Chocolate cake with hazelnut syrup complemented by creamy whipped cream makes it a delicious delight and a slice is enough to quench your chocolate cravings. Crown ​CADCH01-3KG ​CADCH01-3KG
₹ 775 ₹ 775 775.0 INR 10/12/2022
Milk Chocolate Cake[MLKCH02-500G] A true Milk Chocolate cake is made with chocolate. Both melted and chopped rich chocolate. CakeKart's pure chocolate blends into some wholesome milk and buttermilk. To Add to this, the combo of our natural cocoa and vanilla flavoured cake flour blend tossed in with heavy cream. It’s like biting into a scrumptuos chocolate with the soft crunchiness of cake. Our specialized chocolate icing is literally the ‘icing’ on the cake. So you can have our Milk Chocolate Cake and eat it too! Crown MLKCH02-500G MLKCH02-500G
₹ 500 ₹ 500 500.0 INR 10/12/2022
Pineapple Cake[PNLCK01-500G] This Pineapple Cake is delightful for any occasion. The juciness and tang of pure pinapple is mixed with soft vanilla flavoured sponginess. The pieces of pineapple give the cake a natural fruity flavour and the icing with the brilliant yellow of pineapple merges well with the whipped cream. Our super secret recipe for this Pineapple Cake ensures that the fresh cream topping melts in your mouth and the delicious taste of the perfect combination of pineapple and chocolate flavors, keeps you wanting more. Crown PNLCK01-500G PNLCK01-500G
₹ 465 ₹ 465 465.0 INR 10/12/2022
Choco Truffle Hearts Cake[CHTRH02-500G] A yummy mixture of chocolate cake with a soft and light whipped cream cakes frosting is mixed with chocolate ganache and light whipped cream and carefully covered over the Choco Truffle Hearts Cake for the luscious feeling. This is a very special cake because the light fluffy cream, chocolate ganache and the chocolate cake combines well. The Choco Truffle Hearts Cake is loved by many because the moisture from the frosting drips in the cake layers, transforming the chocolate cake, fudgy. Crown CHTRH02-500G CHTRH02-500G
₹ 500 ₹ 500 500.0 INR 10/12/2022
Mango Delight Cake[MNGDL03-500G] Complete with an exquisite velvety smooth quality, the Mango Delight Cake is sure to be loved by all. Mangoes have a special charm that enchants its audience. This Mango Delight Cake is made using maida, sugar, eggs, vanilla essence and to add to the taste there is fresh cream garnishing, sugar syrup garnishing and mango crush embellishing as required. Crown MNGDL03-500G MNGDL03-500G
₹ 465 ₹ 465 465.0 INR 10/12/2022
Strawberry Cake[SBRCK03-500G] The Strawberry cake is light, soft and fluffy with whipped cream and cherries and the strawberry sauce adds a pleasant tangy flavour to it .The cake is topped with the decadently rich chocolate ganache makes it appropriately sinful as a celebration dessert. With whipped cream, fresh cream, chocolate syrup, condensed milk and cherries on top, this Strawberry cake receives all the attention and will leave your guests wanting for more. Crown SBRCK03-500G SBRCK03-500G
₹ 465 ₹ 465 465.0 INR 10/12/2022
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